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Best anti-piracy ad (video)

From Channel 4’s the IT Crowd.


Raymond Crowe – Simple Yet Brilliant Video

Australian Raymond Crowe performs shadow puppetry to Louis Armstrong’s “A Wonderful World”.

Best Bug Report. Ever.

Not to be read with little-uns reading!

There are times when it is prudent to self-censor.

Then there’s this chap’s bug report.

Edit: Now links to the https web site as the non-ssl version now redirects to home page probably due to traffic.

Best Linux Advert Ever?

This is pretty cool over at Kill Bill by Lahandi. Be sure to click the image to read the content.

Oh, and if you like that, check out the gorlilla advertising Cadbury Daily Milk chocolate bars. Phil Collins never looked so good!

ICSTIS rebranding itself PhonePayPlus

It sounds a bit like a company it should in fact be regulating, doesn’t it?

ICSTIS, the premium rate telephony regulator in the UK who’s behaviour can often be described as ‘lacklustre’ has decided that recent press coverage damning the industry and the regulator’s lack of, well, regulation, can only be resolved one way.

So, buried deep inside a PDF is an announcement that from October 2007 the “Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of the Telephone Information Services” or ICSTIS, who’s tagline currently reads “the premium rate services regulator” will be called PhonePayPlus.

Is it me ???

Nope, apparently not. A survey asked people what they thought the name meant. Most people got the wrong answer. OK, 99% of people got the wrong answer. But they are going ahead, presumably because someone’s been given a budget, someone made a decision and now the entire country is stuck with it.

El Reg readers have raised an interesting idea. Perhaps “those in charge” also had a hand in the London 2012 branding.