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Holiday Time Part 1

Have come to Devon for the traditional summer holiday. Staying in Dawlish Warren specifically. Last came here ten years ago, tried to find the same place to stay and ended up mistakenly getting a chalet site further up the road from the beach.

The trip down was surprising easy. The only downside was the food available. If you take the M3 down from London, don’t bother with the first service station: Had the sausage and mash, the gravy was cold and the sausages had so much flavour we knew there was something wrong with them; had to finish the meal still hungry as knew I’d end up being sick from it. When driving, don’t be sick.

Given the summer weather thus far, it’s remained surprisingly sunny and warm without being too hot. I’m talking mid-twenties celsius.

First full day down here was yesterday. Did the sea walk from Dawish Warren to Dawlish in blazing sun. Sea air helped for cooling. Having walked back, got a headache, rested, then showered and discovered the the Brewer’s Fayre restaurant nearest which overlooks a river (beautiful scene) is no longer a Brewer’s Fayre and has since received poor reviews. Instead nearest one is in Torquay. A lot longer trip but was by the newly invested Quay area so got to see lots of expensive boats.