Apple demonstrates being American can suck

When Apple took the wraps off the most hyped phone in history, the iPhone, the American public went “oooh” then quickly bought them off the shelves almost as fast as stocks would supply.

They paid what they thought was a reasonable price for the goods.

A mere two months on and Apple have dropped the price an astonishing $200. And dropped the smaller of the two models.

Some customers who bought the device most recently may be able to claim money back but Apple Chief Steve Jobs has publically stated that wholesale refunds are not an option. The forums are full of fuming customers who’ve wasted $200.

I guess being forced to wait because I’m outside the USA might have it’s advantages after all. Doesn’t make up for all the price hikes after the currency is converted though…

Edit: Steve Jobs probably just read this post. He’s made an announcement offering $100 store credit for every early iPhone adopter.


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