Data Protection Act can be just daft

So I call the household insurance company to query then on a matter. I want to know if some equipment will be covered when on holiday.

I confirm all the details and mention it’s my dad’s policy. He checks, and comes back saying he can only talk to my dad.

I ask why, it’s a general enquiry. Data Protection Act he says. I suggest the question would be answered if I called the sales line about the same type of policy. Yes Sir it probably would but I can’t help you without authorisation from your father.

It’s not like I was asking anything specific to his policy. It’s a very off the shelf policy with a general question. What a waste of time.

So my dad calls and hands over the phone (after he returns from shopping). Turns out everything is covered. Just don’t leave valuables on display unattended. Duh. Good news for photographers – check your home insurance policy first!


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