Linux Backups

The past several years has seen a big rise in Linux on the server. It runs email, databases and web sites. All of whom happen to be (in the vast majority of cases) incredibly important applications for businesses and individuals alike.

Yet the documentation often sucks, and there is usually a lack of information on how to back up your data and restore it.

What I would like to see is every software package installed on Linux like these having a notice somewhere on backups. A reference to a web site or manual page would be a minimum. For MySQL there is a section of their documentation web site. For apache it usually involves backing up a set of files. But by default nothing really exists which really doesn’t make sense.

How about a set of wizards. Break down most installations into a set of standard questions, and out comes a short set of instructions for creating a backup and similarly short but sweet set of instructions for restoration.

Sure some of this is highly dependant on the site, but variations always apply.


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